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Spring Tunic, Sports Cakes and a Pot of Gold

This is my latest maternity top. I’m so excited about this! The white fabric is from one of my husband’s old work shirts. Again, I added an extra four or so inches on each size to accommodate my growing belly. This should last through the end of May! Unlike the one I made two weeks ago, I added the pocket back on to this one. 

I do apologize that you don’t get the full effect of a maternity top on a mannequin – but at least I know it will look acceptable post-baby. 

So, why the ruffles?

That is why the ruffles. Ok, working in radio had a few perks – free crap shirts. Mostly t-shirts, but I scored a few tank tops along the way as well. This particular red beauty is one of those ribbed tanks that only looks good on you if you have 3% body fat and you’re petite. I’ve never worn it. Since I want to wear this tunic to work, this… logo was just not working for me. Funny how you cannot get this iron-on stuff off when you need/want it gone. So, I opted to cover it with ruffles. Knits are funny, I had another ruffle design in mind, but with the way the fabric stretches just didn’t make sense. 

I’m pretty excited to wear this. Yay spring!

This tunic was this weekend’s project – last weekend I made a football cake with my Big Top Cupcake pans, as well as two baseball cupcakes. Michelle’s twins turned one this week, and she wanted extra messy cakes for photos. The football is half white and half chocolate, filled with vanilla filling. The cupcakes are chocolate, filled with chocolate filling. Delicious!

I cannot tell you how much I love my Big Top Cupcake pans. Even Brian, who doesn’t eat cake, suggests ideas for cakes. This next one was his idea: Pot of Gold cake!

I used the BTC bottom with the filling insert (it creates a dip in the cake, where you would put filling etc), then used the remaining batter in a regular 8in pan. 

For gold, I used chocolate chips cookies and frosted them with yellow frosting. That wasn’t going to be enough, they needed to have some sort of  “gold coin” lure to them. Michaels had an excellent selection of cake embellishments – I thought about using one of those powders, but then I found a clear/gold/glitter gel that was perfect for detailing. The tip was a bit bigger than I was hoping, but I put fun swirls on each cookie. Unlike buttercream, the gel never dried, so it was kinda weird to stack them together. But it tasted delicious still.

A slightly closer look! Nice and sparkly!

Knit to Woven: Dress or Tunic?

My mom sewed a lot of clothes when she was younger. Back in her teens or 20’s she bought some fantastic fabric and made a shirt (or dress) – and she LOVED it! Until she saw some pregnant chick wearing a dress/shirt from the same awesome fabric. And then she never wore it again. The moral of the story: There is a TON of really bland and horrible maternity clothing out there, and I refuse to wear it. I’ve decided just to buy larger flowy shirts/dresses and make it work. So, I’m sorry to any of you non-pregnant women out there who are wearing the same clothes as me. 

Target has some really cute dresses that are knit on top with thick elastic around the rib cage or natural waist, and either knit or cotton for the bottom.

Both from Target. Left is from fall (doesn't currently fit); Right is from this spring (currently fits).

These are super cute, and I’ve wanted to buy about 100 more (there are REALLY cute ones in the kids section too!), but as it turns out – some of them aren’t flowy enough to accommodate my expanding belly. So I decided to make my own.

Dress Ingredients: Husband's old work shirt, knit fabric (extra stretchy for my current figure!), elastic and optional pattern (for knit top)

First things first – lets get this knit top out of the way.

I still haven't mastered the art of knit hems, so the neckline was a little wormy. My solution was to add a couple of pleats, I think it did the job.

McCalls 6031

I used the top pieces from this knit dress pattern for my dress. You could use any dress pattern that had separate top and bottom piece – depending on where you want the waistline to sit. I wanted mine up high since I actually have no waist right now.  If you’re a seasoned sewer, you might not even need a pattern for the top part, I mean, depending on your talent, and how fitted you want it to be!

In a previous life, these pieces were sleeves

This picture above is one of the sleeves, seam ripped and cut in half. Brian’s shirt fit when I put it on, but I wanted room to grow, I’ve got two months left! So I decided I would add a couple of inches to each side – which really came out to about 8 extra inches, but that’s ok. The dress won’t be tight! Most of you wouldn’t need to add the extra panels so you can skip this step. Just lay the shirt out flat, and cut across from underarm to underarm – so you have just the body of the shirt. Seam rip the pocket off if there is one. Sometimes I like to resew them on when I’m done.

Close up. Don't judge my lines. Have you ever tried to sew elastic? Yeah. It's not pretty.

Here is a close-up of the top and bottom sewed to the elastic. 

The bottom was so large that I had to gather it before I could attached it to the elastic. Each is sewed on twice for reinforcement. 

The Dress, on the tiny manne.

The dress, covering the baby bump, or baby shelf.

The dress, doing it's job.

My mom reminded me (after I finished) that I need extra fabric in the front lengthwise to cover my belly! Thank you mom, but I took care of that one! I rarely re-hem the men’s shirts that I restyle – so it was already super long in the front (and back) by default (because I’m lazy). 

Matching brooch.

I can’t wait to wear this ensemble! Spring is *almost* here!