The Two and a Half Year Dress

Oh man, I am excited. I had been working on a couple of form-fitting dresses when I found out I was pregnant with Ken. Those dresses quickly got put on the back-burner due to my increasing belly. And due to the copious amounts of pizza I consumed during pregnancy, I wasn’t in a hurry to finish the dresses.

So they sat in a bag in my sewing room for about two and a half years. Scared, I opened the bag in March, just to assess the situation. How much had I gotten done? Are they even worth finishing?

The dress(es) in question were from this pattern – Simplicity 3835.

You might remember I already made this dress in purple in August of 2009 and entered it into the Iowa State Fair. 

I had plans to make three more dresses – the long version – because I loved it SO MUCH. So, two of the dresses were 90% and 60% done. Two really good things happened, 1. I had already installed both of the zippers (hard part over!) and 2. THE DRESS FIT!!!

I finally finished one of them last night, here are the results:


So excited. I found this fabric in my mom’s quilt stash. And there wasn’t enough, so the next time she saw the fabric dealer at a quilt show, she got more. Did I mention that my mom has fantastic taste in fabrics? If you’re wondering, the fabric is by Stephanie Brandenburg and you can buy her other designs here (or at Fern Hill in the beautiful Amana Colonies in Iowa).

Hopefully I’ll get the other one finished next week and get some photos up. OWLS 🙂

One response to “The Two and a Half Year Dress

  1. awesome fabric! looks great!

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