Redneck Wine Glass and Dessert Tray

I know I’ve mentioned how crafty my Mom is, but I may have failed to mention how equally crafty my Dad is. Actually, he is the handiest man I know. He can fix anything, and when he wants, he can build anything!

On Christmas, we were handed this:

Hmmmm, what are these???

This is a Redneck Wine Glass. The bottom is a candle holder, and the top is a canning jar, complete with lids! So, if you don’t finish your entire glass of wine, you can seal it up and put it in the fridge for later. So excited, we’re definitely going to make Lemonade Shake-ups in these this summer!!!

So cool! Dad has been working on this project for a while. He had to compile all of the pieces and them build them, and then make sure they held up. He was forced to drink a bunch of wine ensure the glasses could withstand The Rays.

His craftiness inspired a project for me as well. I’d like to say that did any work on these, but really, other than purchasing the supplies and picking out the trays, I did not do anything.

My Annual Cupcake Party is next month, and it’s already consuming all of my creative thoughts. One really important part about hosting a party is how to display your food. Last year, I just used random trays and plates. We host other events throughout the year and I’ve been wanting some trays. Just to really give that layered look to the food table.

I found some pretty simple instructions here: How To Make Interchangeable Cupcake Stands. I loved the idea of being able to take them apart for storage.

Well, ours don’t come apart for storage. 🙂 But who cares? They are really fucking cool! I bought candle holders from the Dollar Tree and plastic trays from the Salvation Army. Originally I planned on looking for plastic plates at Target, but found these at the SalVat instead. I think they are perfect!

Lets be honest. Brian did most of the work. I’m not really power tool savvy. He helped me buy the knobs and screws, and we got wine corks from our friends. He drilled the holes and assembled the trays. Once we were done, I ended up gluing the cork in the candle holder.

I didn’t follow the directions – which call for a candle holder that is hollow all the way through. Whoops. So it was too shallow to really get the cork in the hole and have it stay there. The other problem with taking them apart is on the gold tray, the knob I choose has a thing on it that doesn’t allow it to be unscrewed from it’s home. I had no idea, it just looked cool and was on clearance.

Here’s a look from the side, you can see the cork, but luckily you can’t see the glue 🙂


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