Glass Etching with the Rays

The Ray family is pretty creative.

In 2007 we exchanged flasks as part of our Christmas gift exchange.

Pretty cool huh? We engraved, glued, painted, and even ordered online! 

Andrew and Leah hosted Christmas this year, and they needed some new glasses. Apparently Leah and her friends have a tendency to break them. So, Andrew decided to have us do some glass etching.

The first step is to create your design. It works best to draw on paper and transfer to the contact paper, or just simply draw on the contact paper.

My design was detailed and I chose to find an image on the internet to use. So we printed it, then I cut it out of contact paper with an x-acto knife. If you look at the glass, you can see that one design is already attached to the glass. 

You can either have the etched design be the cutout, or have the etching around the cutout. Now, I’m not 100% sure how the etching works, but it’s basically like an extremely toxic substance that you paint onto the glass. Leave it on for like 5 minutes, then we would wash it off and paint it on again.

Here’s everyone’s final glasses:

^ Brian’s, flames

^ Mom’s, wood grain, or an eyeball

^ Tim’s, robot/alien

^ Tim’s, bottom, spaceship

^ Dad’s, pipe

^ Ginny’s, strippers

^ Ginny’s, strippers

Why did I chose strippers to decorate the glasses? Because this was a contest. And I knew that strippers on glasses would win. I won a trophy, and the 2010 Ray Family Champion.

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