Fused Plastic Clutches

The other day I stumbled upon some fused plastic baby bibs. Very interesting. I like the idea – the food comes right off. But that’s also the problem. The food would slide right off to Ken’s shirt (where most of it is destined to land anyways). So I think we’ll stick with terry cloth bibs for now. Ken’s a drool monster anyways.

Anyways, that bib reminded me of some clutches I made this fall for a sale. Of course they didn’t sell, but I think my bff Ashley snagged a couple for herself. I feel incredibly honored when my close friends and family actually WANT things I make!

I really should write a tutorial for this with photos…
So the meat of the bag is just a big piece of fused plastic. Before I sewed the sides, I “quilted” on another piece of RANDOM fused plastic – all those colorful pieces are leftover chunks from other scraps. I used the same color of thread for simplicity, but you can see where I traced over various lines and shapes. I believe the scrap piece was big enough to cover the back too. If you look at the bottom, you will see that not all of the edges are secured down. It’s plastic, so it won’t fray or anything.

After I sewed the bag I added gathered ribbons and attached them securely.

This is another bag embellished with leftover scraps. I used lots of greens and gray for this. The flower is made out of overheated plastic, you can see where it bubbled from being too hot.

This happens occasionally. It’s not something I ever set out to do, but if I leave the iron on too long or have the wrong types of plastic together, this happens. At least I’ve found another use for it.

This one is pretty simple, gathered ribbon and assorted buttons sewn on. Fun for fall.

If you’re looking for more fused plastic bag ideas, check out my Crafts: Fused Plastic Bags collection on Flickr.


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