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Dresses, boots and peas

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new clothes until at least Jan 1, 2011. I failed. But how could I not when Walmart was clearancing this Miley Cyrus dress?! FOR $1. ONE DOLLER.

I know this is a creative arts and blog, so I have a point. This has a racer back (photo), elastic waist, stripes, ruffles and denim. Not sure what else this girl could ask for. 

Before I found this dress on Sunday, I had just (and I mean, that morning) finished the adult version:

This is Simplicity 2375 – I did the unthinkable. I used similar (as close as I could get) fabrics to the ones on the pattern. I know, I’m a traitor to pattern sewers everywhere. But I couldn’t help it, I really loved it! So, black and white stripeys on top, denim on bottom. This pattern was super easy – not only is the zipper a lie, but so is the skirt placket. I can’t wait to pair this with tights, boots and a turtleneck. 

Boots. It’s *almost* boot season. I needed wanted a new pair, so, I made my own. 

Sweater boots! I picked up this kids large sweater for a quarter at a garage sale last weekend (garage sales didn’t count in the no-clothes-buying promise), loosely followed this tutorial, and this is the outcome. I’m pretty jazzed. 

I say I loosely followed the tutorial, because its pretty basic. The photos will explain HOW to glue the sweater to the shoe – use plenty of glue. The last thing you want is your boot falling apart in the middle of the grocery store. I skipped the part about embroidering on the cuff, I chose a kick ass sweater instead. 

One issue I had was trying to figure out which sides to sew together to get the cuff to turn out correctly (as in, right side out). Oh, and before you get to the cuff, you have to turn the boot right side out (after gluing) – this was tough also. So although I recommend using a thicker sweater so the boots stand, a heavier sweater would be harder to turn right side out.

I’ve also been spending the last few weeks working on some recycled plastic bags and purses (entry for later). ALSO, been mass producing baby food – peas, squash, sweet potatoes. Ken has loved every food he has tried (knock on wood).

"More peas, please!"