T-Shirt Extravaganza 2010

The T-Shirt Extravaganza 2010 has begun. Obsessed might be an understatement. 

As I’ve mentioned, I love every project in Generation T: Beyond Fashion.

Brian and I were trying to come up with a fun, creative house-warming gift for some friends. We decided that we would make something out of t-shirts, so we dug through Brian’s extensive t-shirt collection and found some goodies. Brown and pink tees for an oven mit, and an extra special white t-shirt about balls, and a green tee to match for the apron. 

The apron is a variation of Central Cooking, project 41 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion. The pattern is one-sided, but I opted to make it reversible. I sewed the ruffles on one side, ruffles pointing to the middle, then attached the “back” (front sides facing together). Turn inside out and perfection ensues. 


Side A


Side B


Glad I consulted my mom before starting the oven mit. The recipe calls for regular batting, but my mom told me to get the good insulated stuff specifically designed for oven mits and likewise items. This is Up in My Grill, project 40 in Generation T. I made a second one for Brian. 

All the mits, strategically placed on one t-shirt.


This is the brown side.


The pink side. As you can see, this side is argyle. On the first one (not shown), I tried to "quilt" on the argyle lines... but knit is tricky. It didn't turn out well. So on the gifted mit, I made swirly lines. These are totally sporadic.


Close up of band around wrist.


Brian and I were very pleased how these turned out, it was tough gifting them! But I think recipients Joe and Betsy really enjoy them, so it really all works out. I need to tweak the pattern a little, make the hand a little bigger and make the arm a little shorter. There are two layers of t-shirt on each side. I haven’t used the oven yet to try the mit out, but I may consider taking a layer of t-shirt out to cut down on some of the bulk. 

I also made a quick, new-sew halter top for myself!

New Sew Halter


This is Pinup Girl, project 1 in Generation-T. This consists of cutting off one sleeve, then cutting the neck hole and other sleeve in a / line. Put the shirt on, putting your head through the arm hole. Should be extra fabric in the back, so pill that forward and pin it. This would make a GREAT maternity shirt, if it were like 7 inches longer. The trick to this pattern is to find a t-shirt with a full design on the front, and possibly the back. If you choose something with a small design, it might not show.

And last, but never least, my little Kenny bear, 2 months old 🙂

I'm cute!



8 responses to “T-Shirt Extravaganza 2010

  1. Ginny, you continue to amaze me with your talent and Kenny Bear is adorable. Can’t wait to see all of you next weekend!!

    • Hi Ginny! Someone pointed me in the direction of your blog–love it! I’d like to share some of your photos and link to your T-shirt posts on my “From Our Readers” feature over at Generation T….please email me (via my site)!

  2. Looks like all of these projects turned out. Good job.

  3. Kenny is adorable. Love him every day it goes fast……
    Enjoy your projects. Tell Brian I think he has a winner.

  4. Your projects are great. I am working on some projects to sell and wondered if there are any copyright issues with refasioning T shirts. Do you know? Thanks

    • Definitely read the small print with any book/pattern you are using – many patterns come with copyright information that specifically says an item is not to be made to sell in mass production.
      I would hope that you wouldn’t run into issues by refashioning a branded t-shirt – say Harley Davidson or Nike. I remember reading a story a few years ago about a woman taking photos in NFL jerseys or something, and them making her stop because she was making money off their likeness. I can’t find the story now, but it is something to consider.

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  6. Rosezanna Landsness

    Ginny, just found your blog, you are a very talented young lady. Will enjoy reading more.

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