One-hour Dress

Another pattern from CraftStylish/SewStylish! This dress was in the spring SewStylish magazine – very cute and very easy!

Magazine dress, so cute!


The final product!


I followed the instructions as close as I could. You can follow along here.

Took my measurements and inserted them into my diagram (yeah, you’ll want to check out the link above). Couple of issues:

1. A 3-inch and 12-inch shoulder wasn’t enough for me. With my measurements, that made my neck hole HUGE – half falling off the shoulders and whatnot. That wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t making this dress for work. So I think I did like 5 inches on one side, and 12+ on the other (I don’t remember exactly). 

2. The pattern calls for a 7 inch arm hole – from the top of the dress. That comes out to be LESS than 7 inches because you aren’t counting in the seam allowance. Seven inches doesn’t sound likc much, so I half-ass measured from the top of my shoulder to my armpit, and I was right – seven wasn’t enough. So I added two inches. I should have added four, and made a total of 11 inches from the top of the dress to the armpit. So if you’re making this, measure the top of your shoulder to your armpit for that number.

One-hour is pushing it – it probly took me a total of two. But I was doing lots of math trying to get my measurements right. I’m sure the next one will go even faster.

Ummm… Other than that, the directions were right-on. I was kinda dreading the pleat/gathers on the arm, but that took like 2 minutes. I just folded and pinned, then sewed it over a couple of times. 

Shoulder pleats


As you can see, the background is cream (almost white, but not quite), and the polka dots are navy, blue, yellow and rust/maroon. No black. I have a black belt, but none of my other belts fit yet, so I thought I’d make a belt. I cut a strip of fabric and decided to dye it. First, I put it in some black coffee – grinds and everything, left it overnight. Nothing, the fabric didn’t take ANY of the color. I was hoping to turn the strip a light brown. So then I decided to try food coloring. I put some black and red Wilton paste coloring in a glass jar with the fabric, left it overnight again. I couldn’t believe the coffee didn’t do anything, and then I just wanted the fabric to absorb any color. The water was black looking, you couldn’t tell there was any red in it. So what color did the strip turn? Pink of course. The one color I do not wear anymore (burnt out on it in college). 

The pink belt up close.


With the pink belt. Veto.


I think my favorite part about this dress is that my husband loves it too!


3 responses to “One-hour Dress

  1. Claryce Welch

    Great dress. Really–in an hour?

  2. The dress is really cute. Even though it took you two hours, that’s not that bad…

  3. Thank you!
    It probly took close to two hours, but most of that time is math – measuring, adding, subtracting, then cutting. The actual sewing doesn’t take long at all!

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