Monthly Archives: April 2010

Easter and Gardening

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? 


First, lets go back to the beginning of the month! My friend Debbie and I made Easter Basket Cupcakes! 

These are cupcakes in waffle cones, frosted, with Easter candy! Cupcakes were baked in a cupcake pan, not in the waffle bowls (makes the waffle bowl soggy and fall apart) I had read somewhere about mixing a package of Kool-Aid with frosting – instant color and flavor. So we tried it and it was AWESOME. I think the correct ratio is 1 package of Kool-Aid to 1 can of frosting. We made our own frosting (made by my mom!) and added the Kool-Aid. The flavor was awesome! It was a little tart, but really fun. Interesting enough, none of the kids liked the frosting, but the adults did! The frosting dried too fast, so by the time we got to decorating, the candy and edible grass didn’t stick. 

This one is the bottom of the Big Top Cupcake and supposed to look like an Easter Basket. Baking night took forever, so I forgot to add a handle. But I thought the Peeps were super cute sitting around the basket. This cake was a hit as well!

I have to admit – I haven’t been crafting. Like, at all. Did you know that growing a baby really wears you out? At this time last year, I was training for a 20k – running 7-8 mile practice runs and kickboxing every other day. My dad and I planted hostas and asparagus on Saturday, and considered that my workout. Funny how things change (have no fear – I’ll WILL be running the Dam to Dam 20k in 2011!)!

So, crafting no – but gardening and housework! We painted my living room a few weeks ago – pics to come! And my parents have been helping us get our first garden going. 

Pretty cute huh? That was the original garden. It has now doubled in size because apparently plants need a lot of space! And we just keep wanting more fresh vegetables. So far, we’ve got potatoes, onions and asparagus. Also, hosta plants. 

And last but not least, onions, the BEST thing in the garden 🙂 And yes, I covered them and watered them after the photoshoot.

I was at Michael’s the other day, and found a book:

Generation T Beyond Fashion: 120 new ways to transform a T-Shirt


Normally I don’t buy books, but when I was browsing through it I found wayyyyyy too many inspiring projects. So I bought it. Even Brian has gone through it like 3 times and keeps finding new favorite projects for me to make. Very excited to start cutting up some t-shirts soon!