Embroidery, the Journey

Once I realized that embroidery didn’t have to be all flowers and cross stitch wall hangings that read “Home Sweet Home” I decided I should give it a try. Tedious handwork is fun for me (the only thing I have patience for). Plus, I started seeing some really cute projects and wanted to do them too!

My mom found some small table cloth kit, possibly a hand-me-down from one of her quilting buddies, and told me to use it as practice. So here is my first ever attempt at embroidery:

A few weeks ago I was organizing my craft room and opened some tins from my Grandma. I struck gold:

The information page - explaining what to do!


The Patterns! These shall be plastered over tote bags, tshirts, baby clothes, towels... you name it!

Click on the photos to go to the Flickr page, you should see a bigger version. 

These are just all so cute! What should I make first?!


2 responses to “Embroidery, the Journey

  1. Are these from Grandma Ray or Grandma Drevs? Once again–you do good work!!

    • It’s from Grandma Ray! Becky had four round tins full of buttons, zippers, lace and one was some machine embroidery practices – and this was in an envelope in that tin! Very cool, I had gone through the other tins but not this one!

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