Elmo Big Top Cupcake

Ok, raise your hand if you have a Big Top Cupcake mold and you LOVE it!


This was my first try at making a cake with the Big Top Cupcake mold. I offered to make a cake for my friend’s 2 year old’s birthday. We decided on Elmo, white cake, almond filling.

The silicone pans come with directions, but I definitely should have made a trial cake last week. I ended up making two full cakes from three cake boxes because the first cake just didn’t quite live up to standards. Also, 20 mini cupcakes. I didn’t fill the molds enough on the first two. They definitely needed to be filled more than 2/3 full. 

The first cake. Not impressive. Not enough dough in the mold, too dark on the corners, and weird area of not cooked. Must try again.


Success! A top and a bottom, with a thin layer of glaze to hold all the cumblies in - Altho, this wasn't too crumbly!

I was very proud of the glaze – used Crisco instead of margarine, powdered sugar and milk. So, I wasn’t sure if should use the Crisco, but when my mom came over to help, she assured me that it was fine. Also, that a lot of people use that instead of margarine or butter, and I felt better. I bought some to make some Christmas cookie… when else am I going to use Crisco?! I need to use it up! 

Elmo needs eyes, and a nose.

Elmo has giant eyes, right? Well, frosting wasn’t going to do it. Those eyes needed height – almond bark covered Oreos (not pictured: I melted a tiny bit of chocolate for the pupils). He also needed a nose. So, I don’t know if I burnt the almond bark, or if it just didn’t like orange food coloring. Instead of dipping the Oreo, I just kinda molded it to the cookie, and made it round on top. Then I made sure to tell everyone not to eat his nose due to the questionable nature.

Close up of the orange almond bark madness. Next time I need colored bark, I'm just going to spring for the Wilton candies.


Almost there - his fur is done, a little matted in places, but what can you do? He's a Muppet!

I can’t take all the credit here. Mom did the frosting, I’m so glad she came to help! So here is all of his red fur, with space for his mouth. Also, at the top of the cake are slits to shove his eyes in. By this time, she still didn’t quite believe that this was going to look like Elmo. She thought I was crazy at first. Also, she had to remind me that when I was two, I ate half of my birthday cake while it was cooling and no one was looking. I think she was implying that Karma can be a bitch, but I’ve got a while before I have to worry about someone crawling on my table and eating my cakes 🙂

Elmo Cake

I probly shouldn’t have started with him as my first Big Top Cupcake, as I have no idea how to top this – but I do have at least two more cakes to make every month for the next like 4 months.


6 responses to “Elmo Big Top Cupcake

  1. Ginny, I’m impressed with all of your cooking, baking and sewing talents.

  2. I had my doubts, but now i can see where this pan can be used for many things. Good present choice, Brian!

  3. It was awesome!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Fantastic! I’m speechless

  5. I found your post via google & I have a couple questions about your giant cup cake. I have same pan & my cake stuck. Did you spray it? Also did you use just boxed cake mix? Any help is appreciated-I am hoping to use mine to make a cute monster for my son’s 3rd birthday.

    • Shala – thanx for visiting!
      I do spray the pan – I generously spray with cooking spray (Pam) – I make sure that EVERY spot on the inside of the pan is coated. If you’re using the filling insert, make sure to spray that too!
      I do always use a box mix, it splits *almost* evenly between the two pans. I would also recommend this Enhanced Box Cake Mix recipe (http://www.thecrazysimplelife.com/apps/blog/show/8013547-enhanced-cake-formula) – I tried it earlier this month and it was really delish. If you go with that mix – you will have leftover batter, just an heads up.
      Good luck with your pans. Mine have worked great, and my oven is very old and unevenly heated. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your monster cake when it’s complete! That is an AWESOME idea!!!

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