Pumpkins and Pork (and brownies!)

The First Annual SKRS Pumpkin and Pork was a success! The neighbors treated us to smoked pork and baked potatoes, and then, we carved pumpkins!!! I should have snapped a picture of the pork, but I didn’t. I was too busy inhaling it. (Thanx Matt and Kelly!)

Pumpkin Guts


Who gave Schaef a knife?!


Working hard!

Working hard!


Also, working hard. Just not with power tools. Or following a pattern.


The final product! Look how talented my friends are! I'm not even going to tell you what pumpkin belongs to who, but I will tell you that I tried to carve a sock monkey into my pumpkin.


With Halloween just around the corner, I had to make just one more Halloween dessert! I was perusing World Market a few weeks ago and came across a packaged product just like these Rice Krispy Treat Eye Balls. <<Insert FAIL here>> How in the world do you roll RK treats into balls? I don’t understand. Epic fail. So… those balls turned into just clumps of RK treats, covered in white bark and drizzled with frosting. Also, I needed more mallow. My RK treats are heavy on butter. 

My mom had sent me a photo with some super cute Spooky Brownies! I renamed mine Scary Mallow Brownie Monsters! It’s a giant mallow on top of a brownie, smothered in frosting. Cute huh?!

Scary Mallow Brownie Monsters


True Story: I was taking the monster’s photo in the kitchen, with bad photo lighting, so I had no other choice than to edit in Photoshop. Note: the monsters look much scarier in the edited photo 🙂

Be careful, the monsters will get you! Rar!


One response to “Pumpkins and Pork (and brownies!)

  1. The brownies are amazing! They look like zombies that I want to eat!

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