Halloween Cupcakes V1.0


October first is hours away (or already here, depending on when you read this) – do you know what this means?!?! Holiday season is ***almost*** here! Ok, not here here, but so close I can almost taste it…! 

I just love Halloween. I rarely dress up or even go to Halloween events, I also don’t like scary movies 🙂 but I love the idea of getting to dress as someone else. Last year I did dress up – twice in one day! My employer at the time had a costume contest (was there really a contest, or did we all just dress up? During the day, I went as a Radio Account Executive from 1982. In the evening, I wore my classic Ginger Spice costume (which is what I default to most years).

halloween 2008

halloween 2008

My boss has promoted me to Official Holiday Decorator (also, official pot luck organizer, but that’s for another day :-), so I’ve been gathering my Halloween decorations and purchasing some new items to decorate the office – pictures to follow next week.

What better way to get everyone into the Halloween spirit than eating festive Halloween cupcakes? I did some Google image searching and found a lot of great ideas, there are some creative cupcake decorators out there! I bought a box of Halloween FunFetti cake mix and colored it orange. Then I added filling. You may remember my Rainbow Cake where I used my Perfect Cake Filling.



Add filling! Perfect Cake Filling: 8oz box of cream cheese, 1 package of instant pudding, 1/3 cup of milk, 8oz (1 container) of whipped topping, 4tsp flavoring (optional, use any flavor - I choose orange extract this time)


I picked three easyish and cute cupcakes – Dracula, eyeball and spider web. My mom was a big help! She is a AWESOME cake decorator, so she is always in charge of getting the first layer of frosting on. Hopefully someday I will be able to put frosting on dessert like she can.


Dracula, eyeball and spider web cupcakes!

Dracula, eyeball and spider web cupcakes!

My sister in law is an eye doctor, I hope we got the blood shot eyes correct 🙂

Dracula was the toughest. We used this FANTASTIC black icing, but it was a little runny for his hair. The plastic container had a round tip, but we needed one with texture. Once we got his eyes and pupils on him, he turned out pretty cute 🙂 

The spider is actually a plastic spider ring. I choose teal frosting for the base because it was prettier than plain white.

Yum! I can’t wait to eat these… and I hope my coworkers enjoy them as much as I do!


3 responses to “Halloween Cupcakes V1.0

  1. Nice bloodshot eyes! And thanks for the shout out. They’re not bad, perfect for a festive cupcake. I can forgive not having a cornea, that would be difficult. Idea for next year though.
    They look super tasty!

  2. Your cupcakes are super cute! I’ll be making these for my son’s second grade class Halloween Party.
    It will be fun to see which style is the most popular.

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