Fall Fashion

Market Day came and went… Thank you to everyone who came out! I’ll be back in October, but probly not again anytime soon. It was an interesting experience, but people just really weren’t buying. The majority of the crowd was 65+, not the demo to purchase recycled tote bags and clutches. It was a little disheartening seeing people buy items:

  • That have been on the market since my mom sold crafts (which was like 10 years ago)
  • fleece scarves
  • glass outdoor hangy things
  • strings of beads

Assuming that I don’t sell anything in October either, I’ve got plenty of tote bags to use as Christmas gifts. Also on a happy note, Now I’ve got lots of time to get to sewing clothes. Then Christmas gifts for the kids. And then it will be knitting/crocheting season!

So, I did get a chance to make this dress a few weeks ago. 


McCalls 9542

McCalls 9542

It doesn’t look as cute on the manni, but it’s pretty cute on the pattern. I can’t wait for it to cool off just a little so I can finally wear this and pair it with brown tights and gray boots. The pattern included some flowery brooch thing, but I just added my own leaf pins, which I think compliment fall very nicely.

The pattern was pretty easy. The pleats took the longest. What you can’t see in the photo is the back, there is a round bottom panel that connects the back body, sleeves, and collar. It contains two of them actually, to hide a bunch of seams. One of the panels called for slits on each side of the panel to a certain circle, but it didn’t make any sense when I actually sewed it, the slits were on the outside of the dress and visible. So, 75% done and I decided to take that whole panel out and switch it with the one without cuts. There was one other pattern issue with the main back panel and how it connected to the sleeves, but I worked around it.

The fabric is from Walmart. I feel odd purchasing fabric at Walmart, but it was exactly what I was looking for and only like $2 or $3 a yard! What’s a girl to do in that situation?! Anyways, I promise not to make a habit of it, I still buy my supplies mainly from the fabric stores. 

I ❤ this next one!


McCalls 8920

McCalls 8920

This is the second jumper I’ve made with this pattern. I used bright owl corduroy from JoAnns for this beauty 🙂 I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it, it is SO fun and cute! I love this pattern, it’s really simple and doesn’t take long at all. I will be pairing this with pink tights 🙂


One response to “Fall Fashion

  1. katherine hampton

    GIGI; I’m a small cottage business. I’ve made several of these dresses for children and am desperate to find more of the material – can you help me – anymore in your area?
    thanks, Katherine

    I’m in Texas

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