Hand-Me-Ups With a Side of Grilled Fruit


Brian gifted me this worn out work shirt, one of the arms was worn to threads. The sort-of-light purple color is fantastic – perfect for spring, summer or even fall (pushing it, but with the right accessories it could be done) I’ve been sitting on it for a few months, trying to decide on the perfect project. Then I received the latest CraftStylish Newsletter – and found a link for the perfect dress! [be impatient]

The Beginning

The Beginning

The Final Product

The Final Product

Want to make your own? Chic Steals: Don’t Buy DIY Men’s Shirt to Cute Summer Dress

You know me better than to think that I would follow the directions exactly. I didn’t. I used the seam ripper to take the arms and collar off the shirt, then cut across the shirt under the arms. The bottom of the dress was kept as-is. The top part of the dress is made from the sleeves and back of the shirt. I’ve made a few of these gathered shirts and the craftsmanship of sewing elastic ON to the fabric is not always great. So for both pieces of elastic, I just created a casing and pulled the elastic through with a safety pin. For the rib/waistband elastic, I made a casing right where I sewed the top and bottom pieces together. 

I will definitely be checking out her blog again! The dress is fantastic. 

You Grilled What?!



And Apples

And Apples - apples are in EVOO, brown sugar and cinnamon.


Lightly grilled to perfection

Lightly grilled to perfection

And topped with Swiss cheese

And topped with Swiss cheese

Grilled tomatoes and apples were AWESOME, this was the first time either of us had tried them! My dad is pretty good about throwing different things on the grill – we do sweet potatoes quite often, and sometimes pineapple. What other things have you successfully, or unsuccessfully put on the grill?


2 responses to “Hand-Me-Ups With a Side of Grilled Fruit

  1. GREAT DRESS!!! Seriously, I need a giant men’s shirt now. So… You asked me if there was a zipper or buttons on the skirt I made. Actually, I had to put an invisible zipper in the back. I considered doing elastic in the back of the waistband, but that would have messed up the pleating action. So there ya go. It was pretty easy once I stopped being lazy and did it. 😉

  2. You should try grilling peaches. Brian turned me on to this. They are amazing, tastes like cobbler.

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