Ruffly Coin-Purse

It’s too small to be a clutch… but too big for Barbie’s luggage. 

I bought a couple of coin purses just like the a few years ago on clearance at Forever 21. Originally, I was planning on covering them in beads and sequins, but when I came across one this weekend, I decided I’d just make my own.

The fabrics are from my Mom’s Fat Quarter Reject pile (I had used part of them on a previous shirt), there’s two (the main part and flap, and the ruffle). The inside is fully lined with a thin layer of fused plastic. It needed to be a little sturdier than just a piece of cotton if I was going to throw in coins, forks, cell phones, Carmex, scissors etc. 

Why is there ribbon lining the top flap? Because this was my first attempt at ruffles and I sewed that part together 3 times. Do I even have to mention that all three times were uneven? Not to mention that in the three times I sewed it, I still managed to NOT get all the ruffles sewn in, requiring me to hand sew a few areas. So the ribbon… it’s hot glued on. I know, that sounds incredibly tacky, but I promise you can’t see the glue. 

Also, the button is just for decoration and covers up a small snafu. 🙂 The flap and body connect with a snap.

I plan on making more of these, more detailed instructions coming!

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